Personalize Game “Beeby the Goat”

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A Unique Personalized Game Gift for kids, family or friends to enjoy and remember for a long time.

> I will put your pictures & messages into the game!
> Personalized specifically for your family or friends, based on your wishes.
> Safe / Private! Access only to you and those you give access to.

Read all the details below.

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What is included in this custom work

  • Change BEEBY to YOUR kid/family/friend: I will replace the player character (Beeby the Goat) with anyone from your family or a friend of your choosing. I will need a forward looking picture from you ideally on a white or 1 color background, so I can cut out the person and prepare an animation. Ideally a full body picture. This part of the work takes a lot of careful preparation, but it is well worth it as the results are often very funny! 🙂
  • 1 Framed Picture: Any 1 picture of your choice (e.g. kids or family photos) will be placed inside the 1 picture frame.
  • BONUS #1: We can fly in (like the bird) any personalized message / object / text of your choice such as a “Happy Birthday” message.
  • BONUS #2: The “I’m Ready! Start!” button can be replaced by a personalized button of your choice. This can be a picture of your child or family and I can also place any text you wish such as “Happy Birthday”. Or something funny like “Smith Family Rocks” or any personal message. Let me know if you wish this option.
  • BONUS #3: I can change the plants that BEEBY eats to any other object like fruit. This is, for example, a great way to get kids to like vegetables 🙂

Your private page/password

I will send you* the link & password for your personalized game usually within 24 hours of receiving payment; latest 48 hours.

Email, Files & Payment

Make sure to email me all your pictures/wishes ([email protected]).

VIDEO of the game

To PLAY / TEST the game yourself:

You can play / test all the games I designed on my DolyGames gaming portal under the category Games by COSMOS or COSMOS’s Games.

Here is a direct link to this game – feel free to check / play it and come back to this GIFTS website for reading details / ordering personalized versions of the game. Also feel free to contact me regarding any specific gift ideas you have for any of the games designed by me.

Note that I can also adjust game difficulty, so for example if you are making a gift to kids I can make the games much easier if you wish that.


Copyright Information:

  1. By sending me any files or pictures or audio you are giving me permission to use them for you (only for you, for your private page).
  2. You are paying for my work to personalize games, which is only for your private (password protected) personal pleasure. My work is not to be sold by anyone or used for any commercial purpose as many audio recordings and pictures probably do not belong to you.

About Your Private Page:

I will send you the link & password to access the game. I will provide completely free hosting for your game for a minimum of 1 year guaranteed. And I will continue providing it completely for free as long as I have money to continue working. Anyone is welcome to send financial support for my happy work 🙂

Regarding Refunds:

Once the work is ordered I will already begin preparation work and continue with the modifications once I receive your files. I spend many hours and/or days working. Therefore, I hope you can understand that there cannot be any refunds. I will deliver always exactly what was ordered and based on the pictures/files you send to me and I strive to do always more to make people happy. This is a custom work, it takes many hours to make a personalized game made specifically for you.

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