Play/Test the Games

Here is a list of all the games I have created from which custom versions FOR GIFTS can be made / personalized. They can all be played at my DolyGames free gaming portal under COSMOS’s games.

  1. Game name with link to play
  2. Game video if available
  3. Game image


COSMOS’s Angry Hillary – PLAY FREE

COSMOS’s Fantasy Shooter – PLAY FREE

Planet Runner – PLAY FREE – by COSMOS

Maze Puzzle – PLAY FREE – by COSMOS

Elements Tower Defense – PLAY FREE – by COSMOS
Starship Shooter – Play Free – by COSMOS DolyGames
Guide Zen Bubbles – Play Free – by COSMOS DolyGames
Moonie Coin World – Play Free – by Cosmos

Beeby the Goat Mountain Jump – Play Free – by Cosmos

Cosmos’s Jumping Game – Play Free

Catch The Family – Play Free – by COSMOS DolyGames

Rocket Shooter – Customization #1 – Play Free – by COSMOS DolyGames
Cosmos’s Rocket Shooter Survival – Play Free
Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter Survival – Play Free

Older Personalized Game Picture Example

(Note: this specific older game is no longer available due to outdated software)

  • Putting the children’s pictures in the background.
  • The shooting particles completely changed from fireballs to fun kid-friendly particles.
  • Enemy monster changed into a kid-friendly creature.
  • Shooting and explosion sounds changed to funny / cartoon-ish type sounds.

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