Customization Options

Want Short & Easy? Just e-mail me πŸ™‚

Tell me what you would LOVE to have πŸ™‚
or read the below for more ideas & detailed info:

Items that can be customized / personalized:

#1 Your family / friends for game monsters or characters
Want to kill your boss / colleagues? πŸ˜›
Shoot your kids? or fight as family?
So many fun things can be done πŸ™‚
#2 You decide the sizes and/or speed of almost anything! Small, medium or large – whatever you wish it πŸ™‚
#3 You decide the background picture(s)!

Most images that you see can be replaced with your family / friend / ideas!

A simple but effective thing is to place family pictures in the background πŸ™‚
Can even make a different sound or audio recording in that area πŸ˜›

#4 Add your own message / pictures in the game Add your own text(s)/message(s) and/or picture(s) and/or audio recordings. Your creativity is your limit πŸ™‚


#5 Your own PLAY button

I can make a custom made PLAY button using whatever picture you want and/or text.

#6 Pick your own game music!

Your favorite songs / soundtracks! Send me the file of whatever you want and I can add it.

We can change all sorts of sounds πŸ™‚

Β Other Customizable Elements:

Almost anything can be personalized! You can make as UNIQUE present as you want – your creativity is really the limit. We can change the audios, add / remove objects, create new objects / models. The more complex the change the more time and money it will require.

Pricing Options

Simple Work

A bunch of hours or couple of days of work

Custom Plan

$50 – $100

$100 – $400



Simple customization work such as:

  • Preparing and using your images for various game objects.
  • Changing backgrounds to match your gift occasion.
  • Changing sounds to your custom sounds.
  • etc.


More extensive customization work such as:

  • All the stuff from Simple Work plus:
  • Adding custom messages during specific events.
  • Custom designed buttons.
  • More complex audio / sound implementations.
  • etc.

Email me what exactly you want and I will do my best to make it for you (if I am able to).

Pricing depends simply on how much time it takes me to create something.

You can even request a completely new game just for you if your budget allows that.

When is it ready?

Usually within 24 hours and up to 48 hours.

When is it ready?

Usually within 1 to 4 days

When is it ready?

4+ days depending on amount of requested work.

Email me ([email protected]) to explain what kind of fun stuff you want πŸ™‚ and we can agree on the price based on the guidelines above. Note: I usually reply within 24 hours, so if you don’t have a reply please re-send, sometimes the internet gremlins eat emails and they don’t arrive to their destinations.

I use PayPal to handle payments as they always do a good job. You can pay with your PayPal account or with your Credit Card.

When sending payment always include a note with your email and any relevant info so it is easy to see which transfer belongs to which project.



Copyright Information:

  1. By sending me any files/pictures/audio you are giving me permission to use them for you.
  2. You are paying for my working hours – the personalized / custom made games that I make for your personal pleasure are not to be sold or used for any commercial purpose (e.g. many audio recordings and pictures probably do not belong to you).

About Your Private Page:

I will send you the link & password to access the game. I will provide completely free hosting for your game for a minimum of 1 year guaranteed and will continue providing it completely for free as long as I have money to continue working. Anyone is welcome to send financial support for my happy work πŸ™‚

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