Gift a Personalized Game!

Do something UNIQUE! Surprise your friends and family!

See details in each game page, but in brief, we can:

  • Put your kids, family or friends directly into the personalized games!
  • Replace the Player character with your loved ones.
  • Fly in or pop up personalized messages such as Birthday wishes.
  • Place family photos or jokes in the background.
  • Among the best personalised gifts for children & personalised birthday gifts!
  • And much more!

Lots of customization options & choices for personalized games!

  • Very special, creative & unique gift!
  • Something to remember forever!
  • Smiles guaranteed! šŸ™‚
  • Fast & Easy!
  • Awesome! šŸ˜›

See dedicated pages for info or send me an email with any questions you may have.

Any Questions? EMAIL ME!

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Answers to some popular questions:

Q: Can the game be personalised for kids? Such as making it easier?
A: Yes, definitely. On top of adding kids & family pictures into the game I can make the game easier by adjusting the game rules. Just let me know exactly what you would want and I will do my best to make it happen.

Q: Is it possible to create aĀ personalized birthday game with a birthday cake, wishes, pictures, etc?
A: Yes, my custom personalized work is a great gift for birthdays. I can add lots of birthday and festive elements into the game. And if you can send me more pictures and wishes I can add them as well.

Q: I am looking for gifts for children but I am not sure what offer here would work the best. Can you advise?
A: Yes, please send me a message with some information such as who it is for, their age, gender, favorite things/hobbies and I can make a recommendation for you. You can also refer to the the various pages here and read about different ideas.

Q: My children like cute animals, is it possible to add them into the game?
A: Easily! Just let me know what kind of animals or send me pictures and I will happily add them into the game.

Q: Can we play the game online or you will send us a file?
A: Online and from any modern device. I decided not to send files to avoid complications as I want to make it easy for people. So I will send you the address and login/password for you to enjoy the game from any location.

Q: Are these custom made or personalized games only for Birthdays?
A: No, I can prepare the gifts for any occasion. Just inform me exactly what you would LOVE to have and I will do my best to satisfy all your wishes.

Q: Will my order be unique or specially created for me or do you re-use the same for other people?
A: No, each order is unique, because each person and family and wishes are unique. So for example if I create an animation of your kids inside the game then this is only for you – it would not make much sense to give this to other people. Only generic items such as colorful balloons could be re-used for other projects, but the main custom built gift for your family is unique and only for you.

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